Red Cotton Drawstring Bags – W15cm*H25cm (6x10inches)

100% Handmade.
Material: Cotton.
Type: Cotton Bags.
Condition: Brand New.
Color: Red.
Size (Width x Height):
W15cm*H25cm (6x10inches)

$ 10.00$ 36.99


When you need to send your guests home with a ‘Thank you gift’; use our red cotton drawstring bags. Just fill them with sweets, chocolates, lollies, or any special gift. We believe that your relatives or friends will love your choice.

Our bags are made with 100% Cotton material, ensuring they serve your daily needs. We design our bags in various sizes and types so they meet your requirements.

We ensure that you won’t be disappointed with the quality of the bags. All our bags are certified under ISO-9001:2008.



Our red cotton drawstring bags are made with the finest quality materials which are safe and friendly for the environment. Furthermore, they can be easily cleaned.

Additionally, these cotton bags can store an assortment of items depending on their size. Moreover, for Printing, Heat pressed and Screen Printing technology is perfect for them.


We have supplied our red cotton drawstring bags with a cute double drawstring closure. Our skilled laborers make them with their own hands. Additionally, you can also dye the Drawstring, you just need to pull the strings and it is good to go.



SIZE (Width x Height):

W15cm*H25cm (6x10inches)


Neatly Stitched, Highly Durable, Eco-friendly, Bio-degradable, Easily cleaned, High Quality, Reusable.


If you want to find a perfect way to package your gift then our red cotton drawstring bags are a great choice. Additionally, you can use these bags as a wedding or Party Favor. Furthermore, they are best as Christmas Bags. You can also use them as Scented Drawer Sachet, Just fill them with dried Lavender or Rose and enjoy.

In addition, they can be good for keeping your shoes, and handbags. Our Bags are used for all kinds of storage. They are perfect for storing items and accessories like jewelry, gemstones, rings, beads, crystals, and pearls.

Moreover, you can ideally use them for Market Stalls, Fundraising, Business marketing, Product Packaging, and Promotional events. They are also great for Promotion Gifts, Shopping, and Craft item Packaging.


Our red cotton drawstring bags are low maintenance and washing machine safe, these bags will come out bright and clean. These bags can also be ironed to eliminate any wrinkles.


Environment Safety:

Our red cotton drawstring bags are certified under ISO-9001:2008. As the awareness spreads, plastics are causing global warming and pollution.

Reduce your need for single-use plastic bags with our reusable 100% cotton bags. Therefore, we suggest you substitute plastic bags with our bags because they are Eco-friendly and above all, they cause ZERO harm to the environment.

Also, you can reuse our red cotton drawstring bags countless times. They are reusable, foldable, washable, durable, eco-friendly, and strong.

We manufacture these bags from fine cotton, without putting any strain on the environment or harming any animal or plant species in the process. Whereas, plastic bags have proven to damage marine life extensively.


We’re always here for any assistance, client satisfaction is our prime duty. We assure you 100% satisfactory results.

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